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The spirits whisper around me, their silk-like words wrapped around my heart,
drifting, unsure of the darkness surrounding, my eyes are closed;
The cool waters of night embrace me, the star's sorrowful tears falling,
a single question above me, I feared the reality that it posed.

A gentle hand, embracing mine tightly, I look to see my friend,
a form I know well, his smile welcoming, yet sorrowful;
No words need be spoken, now is a time past goodbyes,
above the stars we glide, his song to me is mournful.

No recollection greets me, pain and suffering flee,
yet still there is an ache, the knowledge lays heavily within;
The unspoken farewell, deep within my heart,
I utter it, silently, wishing that when it comes, my journey begins.

I look at my friend, his tears fly behind us, each one a new star,
on his face is the mask of death, the very same for him I made;
There is no anger from myself, only calm acceptance,
my time is nearly come, and upon the final threshold I am lain.

I hold out my hand, a gesture of thanks, and he takes it,
before I am taken, the farewell escapes, the final ache;
He sits beside me, silently, as the path to new life opens,
farewell, my friend, I await the next journey we must take.
The Final Journey
While a class project from a few years back, it's one of the few poems I actually feel good about.
I have a Weasyl account, which you can find here:
If you have an account as well and you like my stuff, you can find me there.


United States
Alias: Diretooth
Age: Sixteen
Location: Not telling
Type of art: Literature, mostly fantasy/ sci-fi.
Other types of art: Drawing, pencil. Mostly Anthro, but decent with human drawings if I'm drawing a person. Cannot do value well.
Theological values: Unsure, but open minded to other religions. I don't speak mine if you're unwilling to listen, but I listen if you're willing to speak.
Other tidbits: I am a Theri, a Wolf. This does not make me a Furry. (A lot of Theri are not Furry.) I believe that Reincarnation is possible, that magic and spiritual abilities are able to be used by all of humankind, but the ability was lost due to life becoming easier. (Why humans allegedly only use a small portion of their brains.) I rely on proof for many things, but of my faith I rely on belief.
Any questions? Ask, but don't troll.

Current Residence: Earth
Favorite genre of music: Rock, Pop, and Classical.
Favorite style of art: My favorite style is the one where you grab a pencil and paper and draw what you like.
MP3 player of choice: One that doesn't break.
Favorite cartoon character: Toboe (Wolf's Rain) and Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
Personal Quote: Terranae Irandei, Tor'Kel Tyrnas Krolir.

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